CMW Mission 
CMW is a non-profit children’s theatre organization dedicated to inspiring self-confidence, communication skills, and self-worth in all children. Through  theatre and community service, CMW provides youth with opportunities to develop leadership and citizenship skills. CMW supports inclusion to advance  social unity in the communities it serves. 

Role of Parents/Guardians 
• Please make sure that your participant is on time and prepared. 
• Ensure that your child is not sick or has not had a fever within the previous 48 hours. (See Illness/Fever policy.)
• Regularly check your child for lice and nits. If any are found, please contact CMW immediately. (See Lice policy.)
• Make sure that your participant is wearing appropriate, comfortable clothing & tennis shoes or other soft-soled shoes. No flip-flops or dress  shoes.  
• Join the CMW Facebook group for this production. This is the best place to view all information regarding the production and expectations.
• Ensure that your participant understands the behavioral expectations of CMW. 
• Encourage your child to share their experience with you. 

Expected Participant Behaviors 
• Sign in on time 
• Wear your name tag  
• Show respect at all times to yourself, the staff and others 
• Share, cooperate and be helpful to others 
• Take care of supplies, equipment and the property of others 
• Clean up every week and leave the space better than when you found it 
• Listen when others are speaking 
• Use positive language to express yourself, no insults, swearing or offensive language. 
• Resolve all conflicts peacefully. Pushing, shoving or any form of violence will not be tolerated.  
• Do not hurt yourself or others 
• Share your ideas and suggestions  
• Participate fully to the best of your ability 
• Be ready and willing to learn new things 
• Have fun! 
• Listen to your rehearsal CD & Practice, Practice, Practice 
• Sign out on time 

Discipline Policy 
CMW instructors and staff will utilize a variety of proven approaches to ensure that your participant experiences a positive and nurturing experience.  Behaviors that negatively affect others will be managed immediately and in the best possible manner. 
Instructors will attempt to keep all students actively engaged. Those who choose to “disengage” will be placed in “timeout” for a length of time 
corresponding to the circumstances of the situation. 
Further disruptive behavior will result in more severe consequences including notification of parents/guardians. Incidents of aggression, violence or  repeated disruptive behavior may result in immediate removal from the program. 
Talk of violent acts past or future, threats, teasing, name-calling, and other forms of intimidation or harassment will not be tolerated. Play fighting and  other forms of rough play are not allowed. Offensive language is not acceptable. Any use/possession of illegal drugs, alcohol or weapons is strictly  prohibited and will result in immediate removal from the program. Any other behavior, inside or outside of CMW, that could negatively affect CMW’s  production process and/or the well-being of its members could result in removal from the program without refund. 

Drop-Off Time 
Participants may arrive between 8:45-9:00 AM, ready to begin promptly at 9AM. Participants must be signed in and ready to go at their start time.

Pickup Time 
Parents/Guardians are responsible to come inside to pick up their children at 1:30 PM unless otherwise notified. Children grades 6 and under will not be  allowed to leave on their own, and must be picked up inside. If your child is not picked up on time, every attempt will be made to phone  parents/guardians and other contact names you have provided. In the unlikely event that no one is available to pick up your child within 30 minutes of  the pick-up time; your child will be taken to the Stevensville Police Department where you may pick him/her up.  

Any planned missed rehearsals should be noted on your registration form. If your child is going to miss a rehearsal due to illness or another emergency  situation, please call to let us know at [email protected]. Unexcused missed rehearsals could cause your child to lose their part.  

Please err on the side of caution when determining whether or not to send your child to CMW. 
• Please do not send your child to CMW if they are sick or have a fever higher than 100.4 
• Cast members will need to be fever free without the help of fever reducers for 48 hours before returning to CMW
• Closer to the performance date, a negative Covid test may be required if cast or crew has symptoms of Covid-19
• At any time, CMW may require masking during the rehearsal or performances 

Due to the nature of theatre, we ask that parents/guardians check their children for lice regularly. If any are found, they should be treated, combed out  and cleared (including both live lice and nits), along with family members, before they are returned to the group. CMW should be informed as soon as  possible so we can notify other families to check their own children. This will be done anonymously to protect privacy. CMW reserves the right to refuse  any child to a rehearsal or show when this hasn’t been done. Repeated breaches of this policy may result in a child being removed from the program without refund. 

If you have a question or concern, please contact us at [email protected]The directors have their hands full making sure the children  have a productive rehearsal. Volunteers will be available most Saturdays at rehearsals to answer most questions.  

All parents are asked to participate by volunteering in some way: donating concessions, show supervision, costumes, set construction, etc. Sign up will be done online, watch for the link that will be provided. CMW relies on parent volunteers and accept all skill levels. This a great opportunity to interact  with your child and show them your support. Thank you for your assistance. 

Students must be registered upon arrival and signed out to be released. You are welcome to observe at rehearsal but we ask that you limit your time to  immediately after arrival or to 10-15 minutes before pick-up. PLEASE, for your child’s benefit, do NOT attend all rehearsals. We find the children open  up more and become more comfortable on their own. For that reason, we will open up only the final dress rehearsal for picture taking. No pictures or  video photography is allowed during performance weekend. The performance is the result of the player’s hard work and dedication. Please  allow them to present it as a gift to you at the show dates.  
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!