CMW is a non-profit children’s theatre organization dedicated to inspiring self-confidence, communication skills, and self-worth in all children. Through theatre and community service, CMW provides youth with opportunities to develop leadership and citizenship skills. CMW supports inclusion to advance social unity in the communities it serves.


  • to provide positive and affordable performing theatre arts programming for children, including the economically disadvantaged;
  • to inspire self-confidence and self-worth and improve communication and decision-making skills in children;
  • to successfully prepare and perform high-quality theatrical productions for the general public;
  • to develop a positive work ethic and create tomorrow’s leaders and responsible citizens;
  • to expose our communities’ youth to a broader range of human experience.

CMW is an inclusive arts organization that believes in fostering the active participation of young people from diverse socio-economic and ethno-racial family backgrounds. CMW appreciates both the similarities and richness of differences among people and supports inclusion to advance social unity throughout the communities it serves.